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Title: Marin Teknikk AS - Ship Design & Consulting Company

Description: Marin Teknikk AS - Ship Design & Consulting Company - MT-Design MT Ship Design Consultans perform design, spesifications, drawings and calculations for all types of ... is placed on a server with IP:

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Marin Teknikk AS - HOME

Home · E-mail · Sitemap · Log on · HOME · MT DESIGN · HEADLINES ...

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Marin Teknikk AS - 2010

Sep 2, 2010 – Olympic Shipping AS orders 1 + 1 Multi Purpose Field Supply and Construction Vessel at Kleven Maritime in Norway. ...

Marin Teknikk AS - 2011

May 12, 2011 – 12.05.2011. Due to this agreement, Marin Teknikk AS has signed a contract with Kleven Maritime in Norway, for design and engineering package ...

Marin Teknikk AS - HEADLINES

12.05.2011. Due to this agreement, Marin Teknikk AS has signed a contract with Kleven Maritime in Norway, for design and engineering package for this order. ...

Marin Teknikk AS - 2007

Reder for prosjektet vil kjent p ett senere tidspunkt. Skipet har en lengde p 116m og en bredde p 22. Det er arrangert med 2 store Moon Pooler og 2 trn, ...

Marin Teknikk AS - History

Marin Teknikk AS activity in the first years was mainly to provide services for ship owners and shipyards in the region, but also for some companies with ...

Marin Teknikk AS - MT DESIGN

MT designs are especially well known for their environmental considerations, such as: Reduced fuel consumption; Reduced exhaust emissions / environmentally ...

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