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Insect guide

Home Insect guide ...

Buffalo Gnats / Black Flies

Insect guide > Flies > Buffalo Gnats / Black Flies. Buffalo Gnats / Black Flies. Buffalo Gnats / Black Flies (Family Simuliidae.) ...


Insect guide > Flies. Flies. (Order Diptera.) All the true flies, that is, those insects which are called flies and have but two wings, belong to the order ...

Chalcis Flies

Insect guide > Flies > Chalcis Flies. Chalcis Flies. (Super-family Chalcidoidea. ) This group of parasitic Hymenoptera is probably the largest in number of ...


Insect guide > Bees. Bees. The True Bees (Super-family Apoidea) This great group , comprising about five thousand species, includes all of the true bees, ...


Insect guide > Dragonflies. Dragonflies. Dragonflies (Order Odonata.) Excepting the butterflies, there are few more attractive and graceful insects than the ...

Gall Gnats

Insect guide > Flies > Gall Gnats. Gall Gnats. Gall Gnats (Family Cecidomyiidae) The minute flies of this family are small delicate flies somewhat ...


Insect guide > Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes. Mosquitoes belong to the group Family Culicidae. It's not a large group, but a very important one, not only from the ...

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